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The Retiring Population

This year, more people than ever are reaching age 65 in the UK. In fact, forecasts have predicted that over 800,000 people are reaching this milestone during 2012. The reason of course is due to the post war baby boom. At Professional Wealthcare, we’ve noticed a significant increase in the amount of enquiries we’re receiving from people approaching retirement and we expect this trend to continue.

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PruFund – Risk Managed Funds

When choosing how to invest your money, the choices are huge. There are literally thousands of funds available to you, investing in different geographical areas and asset types.

Many people I meet require a managed fund. They want the security of knowing that an’ expert’ is looking after their money and making all the day to day decisions. Managed funds have been around for many years. Increasingly, these days they tend to be risk rated, enabling an investor to be matched with a suitable fund. In recent years, there has been much innovation in this area. A good example of this is the Prudential’s PruFund, which was launched on 25th November 2004.

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The importance of tax relief

When discussing retirement planning with our clients, a great deal of attention is always given to fund choice and the corresponding past performance figures.

However, it is important to remember one of the fundamental reasons why pensions should be the investment of choice for retirement planning.

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A Bleak Future

Against a background of political wrangling about pension reform, a growing number of UK individuals face an uncertain – and uncomfortable – retirement.

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Some Harsh Words on Retirement Planning

The following article is quite abrupt and to the point. It is difficult to write about some of the basic, yet important issues surrounding retirement planning without perhaps touching some nerves. So if you’re easily offended, please move on. My objective here is to help people to understand retirement and to successfully plan ahead for later life. This involves waking up to some serious issues. So please read this in the spirit it is meant and please don’t shoot the messenger.

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How to Build an Investment Portfolio

When make an investment (whether it be a lump sum, regular savings or a pension contribution), you have some important decisions to make and fund selection will be high on your decision list. If your investment is small, you may decide to use a single fund. However, for most, it is important to build a suitable portfolio of funds because:

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Portfolio Rebalancing

If you have a pension or investment plan, you will often invest in a selection of different funds, often referred to as a ‘Portfolio’.

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Do you have a large Pension fund?

Whatever the size of your pension fund, it is very important that your investment is looked after. However, the harsh reality is that with larger funds, the level of care can usually be improved on.

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What is your tolerance to risk?

If you are a saver or an investor, have you ever really considered the amount of risk you are taking with your money?

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Important News About Your Pension

It is important to ensure that pension arrangements are reviewed periodically. Changes in product design and legislation have had a dramatic effect on the options available for pension policyholders.

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When my wife and I were looking for advice on retirement financial planning a few years ago, Barry was recommended to us by another IFA, who no longer provided that type of advice. Over the last few years, Barry has provided us with very good financial planning advice, tailored to our particular needs and attitudes to financial risk. He contacts us regularly to update us with the latest information and to see if our needs have changed but leaves the final decisions to us, i.e. he does not try to push a particular financial product or company. We have been very pleased with his advice to date and look forward to continuing our association with him.

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