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Critical Illness Cover for Women

Sometimes a plan comes along with something extra to offer. A good example of this is AXA’s Critical Illness Cover plan.

Critical illness cover provides a lump sum payment in the event of certain serious illnesses, such as cancer, heart attack, stroke and many others.

AXA’s plan uniquely offers something called Total Mastectomy Cover. The following is taken from AXA’s Critical Illness Guide.

Cancer is covered in AXA’s Critical Illness contract as long as it meets various minimum standards. The issue with breast cancer is that about 30% of tumours are ‘cancer in situ’ a very early stage of the disease before it has become invasive and with very high survival rates (97+%).

Cancer in situ (carcinoma in situ) is not covered under ABI Critical Illness definitions. However, in about 20% of cancer in situ cases the treatment recommended includes ‘total mastectomy’ i.e. removal of the breast in which the tumour exists.

AXA’s total mastectomy cover is intended to pay out to cover these situations where the client would have no other cover through their Critical Illness contract. We will pay out 20% of the sum assured to a maximum of £15,000.

The cover is free, we do not load the premium for it and a payout will not reduce the sum assured for any subsequent valid Critical Illness claim (important if you need to cover a mortgage for instance).

The money could be used to pay for reconstructive surgery, or to take time out to recuperate/holiday.

68% of female Critical Illness claims are cancer related and breast cancer in particular is very high profile these days – so for single life female clients or a joint life cases AXA’s Critical Illness product certainly has something extra to offer.

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