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Do you have a large Pension fund?

Whatever the size of your pension fund, it is very important that your investment is looked after. However, the harsh reality is that with larger funds, the level of care can usually be improved on.

At Professional Wealthcare, we like to look after your pension in a way that you have never experienced before. With larger funds, we can provide you with a greatly enhanced level of service. This is because we can use better pension products, provide access to the best fund managers, use the latest technology for servicing your plans and achieve higher fund discounts for you.

For clients with larger pension funds, we provide a bespoke and pro-active pension service, providing ongoing monitoring, reporting and recommendation.

The main features on setting up this service are:

  • A full analysis of your pension plans.
  • A report and discussion detailing plan charges, investment performance, plan flexibility and more.
  • Recommendations for possible improvements.
  • Recommendations for investment strategy based on your tolerance to investment risk.
  • Recommendations for required contribution levels to meet your objectives.

Once you are on our service:

  • The individual funds within your pension portfolio are regularly monitored to ensure that they remain well chosen funds.
  • Your portfolio is regularly rebalanced to ensure that it remains appropriate to your attitude towards investment risk.
  • You will receive regular updates by email generally every 3 to 6 months as appropriate, complete with any recommendations to switch funds or make any other adjustments.

We provide a review of money already invested in your pension fund. Our objective is to get your money working hard for you. No additional investment is required to receive this service.

For those who haven’t yet built up a large pension fund

If you haven’t started a pension yet, or if your fund is small, we would still like to help you. Maybe we can’t offer you the above service, but we will still do our best for you and help you to build up your pension fund.

For those who are ready to start taking your pension benefits

We can also help you if you want to withdraw a lump sum and / or take an income from your pension fund. There are many options available to you and once you take your retirement benefits, your decision cannot usually be undone. It is therefore vital that you receive guidance and consider the options very carefully.

Whatever your Pension or other financial requirements; speak to Professional Wealthcare. We will be delighted to help you.

Please remember, that investment returns may go down as well as up.

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When my wife and I were looking for advice on retirement financial planning a few years ago, Barry was recommended to us by another IFA, who no longer provided that type of advice. Over the last few years, Barry has provided us with very good financial planning advice, tailored to our particular needs and attitudes to financial risk. He contacts us regularly to update us with the latest information and to see if our needs have changed but leaves the final decisions to us, i.e. he does not try to push a particular financial product or company. We have been very pleased with his advice to date and look forward to continuing our association with him.

Mr K.T.

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