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It is important that our clients are aware of the many services provided by Professional Wealthcare. The following is a comprehensive list of our main services.

Please contact us if you require our help in any of these areas.

Growing your Pension

Advice on setting up a pension scheme, whether privately or through your business. This includes reviewing your existing pension arrangements.

Taking your Pension

Advice if you are approaching or have reached retirement age and would like understand the available options for your accumulated pension fund.

Growing your Investments

Advice on investing capital for growth.
This includes reviewing your existing investment plans.

Taking Income from Investments

Advice on investing capital for income.
This includes reviewing your existing investment plans.

Mortgage Protection

Advice on protecting your mortgage in the event of death, illness, disability or redundancy.

Life Assurance

Advice on providing for your family, business, school fees commitments or paying off your mortgage in the event of death.

Financial Provision in the event of Serious Illness

Advice on providing for you and/or your family, or your business in the event of suffering a serious illness.

Income Protection

Advice on replacing your income in the event of illness or incapacity.

Business Protection

Advice on protecting your business in the event of the death or serious illness of yourself, a key employee, shareholder, director or partner.

Income and Capital Gains Tax Reduction

Advice on tax planning, reducing or deferring taxation.

Estate Planning and Inheritance Tax Reduction

Advice on providing for or reducing Inheritance tax and preserving your estate for your beneficiaries after your death.

Wealth Management Service

This is a specialist service which provides:


Planning for retirement, your options, review your plans...



Investing your capital for tax efficient growth or income...



Protect your family, life assurance, critical illness, income protection...


I would like to say that, for me, Professional Wealthcare has consistently delivered an excellent service. I have known Barry for a few years now and he is always there to answer a query, give advice or act upon new instructions without hesitation or delay; and nothing is too much trouble. Always the professional, he is extremely knowledgeable, but he also knows how to present information clearly and concisely. Barry’s honesty, integrity and downright cheerfulness make it a joy, rather than a chore, to discuss financial arrangements. I waste no time in recommending Professional Wealthcare to anyone who wants a quality service from someone who is outstanding in their field.

Lacey Callanan

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