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Looking after your family and ensuring that there are adequate funds to cope with the unexpected, should form the cornerstone of your financial planning.

The illness or death of a wage earner could plunge your family into serious financial hardship. We can help you to assess your risks and calculate how much money you would need to cover debts and provide for your family.

With the wide variety of insurance products now available, we can help you to build a complete programme of protection to meet your needs.

Independent Financial Advice

What is an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA)?

An IFA is a professional adviser who will consider every aspect of your personal and financial situation and will give you advice that is tailored to you. If an IFA recommends a product (for example a pension or investment) he can offer you the best choice from the whole of the market.

Unlike a free guidance service or information you may find online, the advice provided by an IFA will take account of your personal circumstances and will make clear recommendations.

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Do you qualify for Simply Life?

Simply Life is a new and innovative type of Life Cover from Aegon promising a low cost and easy to understand protection product.

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How Much Life Cover Do You Need?

There are various ways of calculating how much life cover you should have. You will need to consider all of your debts, including mortgage, credit cards, car loans etc and also the ongoing monthly costs that will continue after death.

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Barry is friendly and informative. He knew a lot about the products that he deals with.

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